Villa Maria RSV Sauvignon Blanc

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They’re NZ’s most awarded winery and this is their super slick, black label Reserve range. Nothing but nothing makes it under their Reserve label without being the best of the best fruit sourced from their vast array of vineyards around Aotearoa.

This is their latest 2019 release and, like plenty of vintages before it, it’s a safe bet if you’re after some world class SauvyB at a very reasonable price. The 2018 was Cuisine’s No.1 Sauvignon Blanc, it won Trophies, Golds and 95/100 from Bob Campbell. Watch this space as the ’19 hits the show circuit later this year.

An aromatic and herbacious, full flavoured style with a tsunami of tropical fruit flavours from select vineyards and a meticulous attention to detail in the wine making process. A class act, like we expected anything different from this label. 

Note label in photo may not exactly match actual bottle but very very close :)