Coffee & Cider Combo

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Love Cider, Love Coffee? So do we!!!

We have teamed up with our friends from Common Good Coffee to keep you going at the start and the end of the day (you choose which one goes first j).

What you get >>>

>>500g bag of Common Good Better Blend

>>3 x 330ml Cider Cider

>>3 x 330ml Strawberry Rose' Cider

>>2 x 330ml Apple IPA Cider.

>>2 x 330ml Lucky Taco Cider

>>2 x 330ml Peace o Pie Cider

Common Good Coffee exists to support positive change in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the world.

We're the crew behind Addington Coffee Co-op in Christchurch, Crave and Kind Cafes in Auckland, and the Common Ground Coffee pop up in Whanganui.
We've partnered for good, because we reckon that we’re better working together, and that alongside you, we can unite to make a positive difference in our wider world, (and drink amazing coffee along the way!


Inspired to make Morningside a better place to live, and by the love of a cheeky pun The Cider Barons & Baroness decided to make what some consider to be the most bad-ass cider in the land. Coming from the neighbourhood that always looks on the bright cider life, we’ve found the in-cider information on juicing those local apples into something very a-peel-ing. From cheeky puns right through to our tasty drops,