Hot Cross Buns Cider

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We have been working on this little Easter treat for you guys all month, and now she is ready to go. Only limited a limited amount of this one, so get in quick before she runs out.

This beauty is a beautiful cinnamon and brioche spice infused cider. With notes of dried fruit, apples, heaps of cinnamon and warm brioche. This little dessert cider will warm your hearts.

You can enjoy this cider cold and refreshing, or warm her up with a bit of rum for a beautiful mulled cider cocktail.

This bad boy was created in the epic neighbourhood of Morningside, a land full of locals that live on the bright cider life. Morningside is the proud home of Aotearoa’s first urban apple orchard, harvesting backyard apples every year to make a genuine neighbourhood cider.

The same gang is also behind Dorkland’s first cider bar, the Morningcidery. If you’re ever in the ‘hood, come say hi - there’s a brew here with your name on it.

The artwork on the OG Cider can is inspired by Adam and Eve & painted by the wonderful Yolanda Bartram <3

Enjoy, with love from us x